November 24th firing


November 14 cone 10 electric firing

Some porcelain and stoneware pieces from my august 31st cone 10 oxidation firing.

Can’t say I’ve ever taken much of a break this summer from my basement studio and woodshop. Making a living at this pottery thing is time consuming and doing shows is sometimes exhausting but I’ve had a good summer nonetheless even despite the constant wetness of it. My garden was a total flop this year, not a single red tomato. I haven’t had the time or energy to tend to it all that much to tell the truth. For my next show I’m gearing up for Cabbagetown arts and crafts show in Toronto next week, then Crown and Pumpkin Studio Tour in Almonte/Pakenham and will be producing as much as I can for the holiday show runs. Hope to see you at one of them and many thanks to those who followed me this summer, showed their support and took the time to chat with me, it really is the only socializing I ever do. .