Maple Run Studio Tour

Here are the details for the next show I am taking part in.

Cartwright Springs Brewery
239 Deer Run Road
Cartwright Springs brews with water from its own artesian spring located just metres from the brewery. With an intense focus on environmentally-friendly initiatives and a space that reflects their beer, their craft and their community. Cartwright Springs will again have their popular Maple Porter on tap for the Maple Run Tour, as well as their deliciously different carbonated maple sap.
At this very popular location will be 3 artists and the pink Jolly Hog Food Truck.
Gary Brooks: new to the Maple Run Tour, brings his hand-crafted barn board birdhouses and walking sticks, and the best non-human backscratchers ever!
Clement Hoeck: a participant in the Maple Run Tour for many years, returns with distinctive high fire porcelain and stoneware ceramics, featuring designs both utilitarian and decorative .
Barb Sohn: new to the Maple Run Tour, is a Perth, Ontario artist who specializes in capturing the beauty of water and landscape in Ontario, Quebec and New England.
The Jolly Hog Food Truck promises to satisfy your hunger with fresh, local and including some maple inspired food creations!




November sales

I have not been updating this much lately. I have had to redo my roof and with our son, life has been busy. In keeping with busy, I have been spending the last few days firing, sanding pot bottoms smooth, pricing, listing and packing. Next weekend I will be showing with the Ottawa Guild of Potters and on the same days (yes I will be in 2 places at once) I will be showing at the Glebe Christmas Craft Show. This will be somewhat of a logistical nightmare but I’ve slept in the back of my pickup in 30 degree heat for a 3 day show…Me thinks I can do this…Hope to see you there. Here are some pictures of my most recent firing.